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I am going over to my brother Kevin’s house later this afternoon for my nephew’s birthday party. The little guy is turning 5 which is a big age for kids. That is at least what Amy told me as I wouldn’t know myself. I’m still single and have no desire to ever have any kids. I have enough trouble keeping care of myself much less a baby that would be 100% dependent on me. I didn’t know what to get him for a gift but she helped me out. She sent me a list of things I could get him so I picked a couple things and ordered them online. They arrived two days ago so I’m all set. I was starting to get a little nervous thinking they weren’t going to show up but they did.

I’m glad that I’ll still get to see the futbol game when I’m there although I won’t be able to be glued to it like I would be here. They have Dish Latino Dos so yeah they will definitely have it. I thought about recording it here and watching it later but I’m going to be busy later. I have to get ready for the upcoming work week which means laundry and cooking. I like to cook all of my meals in advance so that way I don’t have to mess around after work doing it. I eat pretty much the same thing each week. Monday to Wednesday I have chicken and vegetables. On Thursdays I eat a can of soup with some bread. Fridays are my ‘cheat’ day so I either eat in the cafeteria at work or go out and get something. The nice thing about my job is its location. I am surrounded by a lot of places to eat and they are all good. I usually end up at this pizza joint and get two slices. I’m glad I don’t live closer to that place because I would probably eat there a lot more if I did.

Ok well I better wrap this up and get moving. I have a couple things I want to get done before I leave including still have to wrap his presents. I am not the best wrapper in the world so we’ll see how that goes. I also want to take my dog to get a bath because he is starting to smell a little bit.

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